Ts&Cs and cancellation insurance

General Terms of Sale and Conditions

Extract – Cancellation by you

If you wish to cancel your holiday, you must inform us by registered letter requiring an acknowledgement of receipt.
If this occurs:
– more than 30 days before the beginning of your stay, we reimburse all the money collected, without the booking fees (15€) as well as the cancelation fees  (20€) and only in the case of illness, death record, change of personal common life, layoff, with the proof of an official document.

– less than 30 days before, we retain all money paid.

We suggest you an optional cancellation insurance to pay in addition at the same time as you pay the deposit. Whatever the duration of your stay is, it costs 3,50 € per night for any stay in an accommodation and 20 € (flat fee) for any stay on a campsite pitch. You can find conditions below.

Find all the terms of sale here.

Cancellation insurance

You may have to cancel or shorten your holiday due to an unexpected event.

Consider cancellation insurance and have peace of mind!