La Plaine Tonique is committed


  • Modernising La Plaine Tonique with upgraded infrastructure, more green spaces and wood as the dominant material
  • Renewing the site’s image around the themes of water and nature
  • Adapting the site to the ecological transition


Site redevelopment programme launched in September 2021 by Grand Bourg Agglomération :

  • Equipping the large beach with new wooden cladding pavilions, bordered by a large wooden walkway (2021/2022).
  • Renovation of the aquatic centre with the aim of reducing energy consumption (2021/2022).
  • Renovation of the roofs of the two seasonal accommodation units (2022/2023).
  • Renovation of the lemon washroom and its makeover to fit in with the modernised large beach (2022/2023).
  • Construction of the new Maison des Sports (2022/2023).

La Plaine Tonique’s main beach has been labelled since 2013 :

  • Sorting bins available to recycle waste
  • Sanitary facilities to ensure the quality of bathing water
  • Safe and accessible bathing for all
  • Information on bathing water quality and local flora and fauna displayed on the beach
  • Raising public awareness at La Plaine Tonique to minimise the impact of tourist numbers.

Inspiring green initiatives :

  • Natural flower meadows
  • Chickadee nest boxes
  • The dry hedge

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Focus on soft mobility and public transport:

With a view to adapting the site to the ecological transition, you can now get to Plaine Tonique to Plaine Tonique by public transport or car-sharing! Thanks to the Rubis transport network, buses and car-sharing lines are available for visitors.

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