Our inspiring green initiatives

Grand Bourg Agglomération’s Green Spaces department is committed to preserving nature on the sites it maintains.

Here are just a few of the initiatives implemented this season at La Plaine Tonique:

Natural meadows with flowers

A natural meadow is a portion of land that is deliberately left untended to allow wild vegetation to develop spontaneously.

What are the benefits of a natural meadow?

  • It plays a role in protecting the water table
  • It protects soil from erosion
  • It acts as a reservoir of biodiversity, welcoming many visitors

A flower meadow is a natural area where wild flowers have been sown. It is a real reservoir of biodiversity, welcoming a multitude of plant and animal species.

As well as preserving biodiversity, natural meadows breathe new life into our gardens, while saving us:

  • time
  • energy
  • fuel
  • water
  • money

Chickadee nesting boxes

Chickadees are one of the natural predators of processionary caterpillars. These colonising caterpillars are particularly fond of oak and pine leaves, which they feed on.

Since destroying the nests of processionary caterpillars is difficult for humans, installing chickadee nest boxes in trees that have already been colonised or are likely to be colonised reduces the need for human intervention.

This natural and sustainable method of combating pests is known as biological pest control.

The ecological plus:

  • All the nesting boxes installed are made from recycled materials.

The dry hedge

A dry hedge is made up of plants, branches and roots of dead wood placed horizontally and framed by stakes.

What are the benefits of a dry hedge?

  • It’s a natural way of recycling plant waste
  • The hedge provides shelter for local wildlife
  • The hedge works like composting
  • It saves energy because the team no longer uses fuel to transport and shred the plant waste